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Fear of Dogs using Virtual Reality Therapy and Hypnotherapy

Overcoming a fear of dogs

…can seem daunting with people having dogs at work, in the park and on the street. We all have fear and phobias. We use a combination of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cognitive and Positive Psychology to create a mind-shift and we use Virtual Reality Therapy to create a reduction in the anxiety that is getting in the way of you being able, ready and calm in the presence of dogs.

Simple process of change:

In combination with cognitive and positive psychology approaches, Virtual Reality Therapy employs simulation technology to gradually and systematically reduce the fear response. Guided by an experienced VR therapist, the slow and safe process breaks-down the phobic reaction. The results are permanent.

As seen on the BBC:

We can help you with

Fear of Flying (Aviophobia) <> Fear of Heights (Acrophobia) <> Fear of Driving <> Fear of Lifts & Elevators (Cleithrophobia) <> Fear of Transport <> Fear of the Tube <> Fear of Public Speaking (Glossophobia) <> Fear of Small Spaces (Claustrophobia) <> Fear of Open Spaces (Agoraphobia) <> Fear of Spiders (Arachnophobia) <> Fear of Dogs (Cynophobia) <> Fear of Needles (Aichmophobia) <> Fear of Darkness (Nyctophobia)

and overcome anxiety...

Michael Carthy Virtual Reality Therapy London Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapist

"Without VRT I wouldn't be okay with flying, at least not this quickly. Now to book that round-the-world ticket."

Luke – Overcoming a Fear of Flying

"The immersion was so intense that my mind felt confused every time he spoke to me. It was as if he became an imaginary voice in my head. I knew it wasn’t real, but I could still feel it."

Alex – Overcoming a Fear of Needles

"Without Michael and the virtual system we used I would have stayed stuck. Now the feeling has gone away and I have overcome the fear. Thank you!"

Anna – Overcoming a Fear of Heights