Fear of Public Speaking using Virtual Reality Therapy and Hypnotherapy

Overcoming a fear of public speaking

…can seem daunting as it often creates feelings that get in the way of us communication in the way we know we can. We all have fear and phobias. We use a combination of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cognitive and Positive Psychology to create a mind-shift and we use Virtual Reality Therapy to create a reduction in the anxiety that is getting in the way of you speaking in a fun and ready way.

Simple process of change:

In combination with cognitive and positive psychology approaches, Virtual Reality Therapy employs simulation technology to gradually and systematically reduce the fear response. Guided by an experienced VR therapist, the slow and safe process breaks-down the phobic reaction. The results are permanent.

As seen on the BBC:

We can help you to overcome a variety of fears, phobias, anxiety and concerns including

and overcome anxiety...


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After the first session I felt better right away… 2 more sessions with Michael and I was in a much better place while speaking in public.


Fear of Public Speaking

I avoided hospitals, doctors and mostly needles. Then I found myself pregnant with no way to avoid. VRT has been the only thing that has allowed me to gradually face my fear. I now feel comfortable and free.


Fear of Needles

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